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Did you know that the Dow Jones 30 Industrials Average has been responding to Natural Law Time values since 1915?  For almost 100 years!!!!.

How important is that?

Even with only a basic understanding of Natural Law Time, you can significantly improve your ability to PREDICT trend changes or identify if trend changes are possibly developing. 

TIME Analysis for me is an absolutely vital component in making entry and exit decisions.

The video at the link below comes from the first DVD of our Quick Start Training materials.  The DVD is available for purchase by users of the powerful PhiCube Analyzer™ software.  Contact me after you subscribe to the software and I will give you information for ordering.

The title of the video is:  05.  NLT - PhiCube Time

Click on this link to access the 18 minute video.

When the video starts, move your cursor over the window to show the Table of Contents and off the window to hide it.

Note:  When the video was originally recorded, a Table was shown at the beginning and mentioned in several other places.  Later it was decided to replace it with an introductory table to show beginning values from which the values shown in the original Table were derived.  This preliminary table is in a downloadable PDF file at the link below. 

Click on this link for the Preliminary Table PDF file.

The title of the PDF document is 02. NLT – Fibonacci Sequence Table

When the page loads, at the top of the page click on "Download this media" to get the PDF for easy reference.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The original and very important Table is on the DVD mentioned above.  It is simple, powerful and an easy key to understanding, learning and using the software and concepts.

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