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         You are at the beginning of an incredible journey!

                                      But first...

                                                      ...this introduction

                                Technical and Fundamental Analysis

A gazillion ways to make and lose money in the markets – stocks, futures, FOREX, commodities, etc.

Me?  Stocks have been my bag, plus some futures…short term, long term, a few days, a few minutes.

I’ve seen stocks of great companies take big hits.  I’ve seen stocks of companies with only hope or hype “go to the moon”.

All those Buy, Hold, Sell decisions and all those pretty lines and bars on a chart were often just that – someone else’s contradictory opinion and frequently confusing. 

(I remember when Apple Computer first hit $1 billion in sales and the "expert" opinions were that it would not survive against IBM!!  I didn't agree!  That was MY opinion!)

Success by accident and failure by ignorance and stupidity.

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