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To restate what was written at the beginning:

     "Pulling back the curtain and taking away the Mystery of the Markets™ by revealing the natural laws that are at work in human decision-making that move prices up and down.  Knowing these natural laws can be the difference between making money, preserving capital and avoiding catastrophic losses."

And why this Mission?  To teach this to others?

These are extraordinary times.  With better understanding of the Natural Laws at work, you can make better economic decisions for survival and prosperity for yourself and those for whom you are responsible.  With success and to the extent appropriate, you will better be able to economically assist individuals, charitable, religious and other positive organizations accomplish their purposes of assisting others in need.

A little background:

One day, in the summer of 2009, I thought that perhaps a lot of money had been moved out of stocks into bonds after the significant decline beginning in the Fall of 2007.  I didn't confirm such money flows, but undoubtedly, after such a large decline generally in stocks, there was at least some "flight of capital" to "lower risk" bond-type investments.  

I then wondered what the losses on bonds might be if interest rates rose significantly higher over the next few years.  Using a bond calculator tool at a Wall Street Journal website, which only went up to 15%, I did some estimating...and felt sick at my stomach at the potentially very large ADDITIONAL losses that people and organizations could have if rising interest rates occur (bond prices go down when interest rates go up).

An equity collapse followed by, or even at the same time as, a collapse in bond prices through rising interest rates because of inflation / dollar devaluation will result in

Deflation isn't pretty, either.

The future?

I don't know what's going to happen down the economic road - how high, how low, the zigs and the zags of the various markets and their components.

However, I can anticipate the future by using the concepts, laws and tools referred to on this site to make rational projections and to prepare accordingly.  If price conforms to projections of path and target, appropriate decisions can be timely made.  If price varies from projections, protective measures in place can be acted upon or rational adjustments made to the projections.

Repeating below what I wrote earlier in "Projections - Futile Exercise?":

     Don Worden, a man prominent in technical analysis for over 50 years, wrote a Daily Worden Report for the TeleChart® technical analysis software. For June 24, 2010 he entitled his Report: "Exercises in Dreaming?"

      "...Of course neither the bounce nor the subsequent downward attack has taken place yet, so it is important to remember that these ruminations are merely hypothetical scenarios.  But hypothetical scenarios (which, it is true, can be poked fun of as exercises in dreaming) are valuable in establishing real possibilities for the future.  Such scenarios are a creative form of practical reasoning..."

How I can help.

Different perspectives.  Different methodologies.  Different goals and challenges.  "Things are different now."  Ambiguity.  Uncertainty....

All that, however this I know, in difficult and hard times, the markets still function. 

No matter the ups and downs in the financial markets, no matter how high or low they go, Natural Laws are still at work in the decision-making going into "buys" and "sells" and "holds", too. 

  • That's what I have learned.
  • That's what I can teach.
  • That's what I can show in the PhiCube Analyzer™ software.

If people make money or preserve capital by what I teach, that's great. 

If the economy of the country comes apart at the seams and those who have used these concepts and tools have survived well financially, that's great. 

If you are one of them, you will have that special peace and happiness that comes from having a comfortable life and assisting others who are very much in need...assisting them in ways you could not possibly do if you, too, found yourself among the needy.

Before leaving, jump back to Preview and take another look at our Natural Law Trading™ Goal.  Keeping all steps of it in mind, you will find, as I did, that they are of value outside of the financial markets, unexpectedly improving decisions in other areas, their consequences...reaching beyond Time.

All our best wishes for your success!!

And for your encouragement -- The hours and hours of time and effort to learn and do the work that it takes to make good market decisions are worth it !!

Hope to see you soon in the PhiCube Analyzer™ Chat Room !!!

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              This is Very Important and "Saying-It-Another-Way" ...!!

                                                Let me be clear...

No promises, even with lots of devoted time, hard work, faith and tears, that you will always, or at any time, make financially profitable decisions from what you learn here.  But maybe, by very focused, no opinion, efforts on achieving each step of the Natural Law Trading™ Goal, positive overall results will come to pass.

In addition, before your first trade from this point on, my counsel is for you to establish the cumulative maximum loss of capital you are willing to take in your trading.  What remains is your "Preserved Capital".

If losses bring your capital down to that amount, never, ever trade with it, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR OPINION AND FEELINGS!!!!  Trade only with funds from other sources added to that remainder. With cumulative profits, you may raise that "Preserved Capital" amount by any formula or other way that you wish. 

               - "Preserved Capital" is for withdrawals, not for losses!! -

Remember, there are always great Natural Law opportunities in the markets - today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.  Use frustrations over missed opportunities provide you, by study and introspection, insights for personal education and emotional growth.  These insights make for even better decisions in the future.