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Given the economic times we are in, I have assumed that a lot of subscribers would like to get a quick start "now" and learn the details "later".  That's why some videos have been prepared, originally for presentations, that are focused on the main concepts and tools. After subscribing please email me for more information.

Worried that the subjects will be "complicated" and "hard to understand"?

Don't worry.  It does take a little time to get used to the software and what all the buttons are for.  That's normal.  Plus, there are natural law concepts to learn.  For me, too, it seemed a little "complicated" to learn UNTIL "the light bulb went on" and I understood what I was seeing, THEN it became "simple"! 

By teaching from the simplicity of that moment, I hope that not long after your learning the videos, you will have your "light bulb" moment, too!  I'll try my best to get you there!!  Learning continues and there is a lot of live support via Chat and lots more info for Users in the dedicated Help, Support and Forum website for PhiCube Analyzer™ subscribers.


The concepts and software are both simple and powerful.  Following along with the videos is one good way to learn.  When you are comfortable with the basics, Real time "Paper trading" will provide "tests" of what you will be learning.  Improvement in results will come as you learn more details and try your own ideas at your own pace. Even with online "paper money", I have learned that paper trading can bring emotions to the surface that can be disastrous when trading in real time with real money at risk. 

After years of pain I have been blessed to develop some simple and powerful studies and concepts to solve that problem for me.  They are all based on PhiCube™ and Natural Law concepts in their formulas and interpretations.  Those will be shared with Users.

You don't have to know how to build an engine to enjoy driving or riding in a luxury automobile!!!

Take it from me: The software and concepts are incredible.  It is awesome to watch price so often responding to these "new" invisible lines on charts !!! ...

And you know what that means!   There is an increased probability of your avoiding catastrophic losses, preserving capital and making or raising money for a comfortable life and to do good !!

Let's go for a drive!!

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