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 And you might also ask:

     What edge will all these things give me?
         Let me answer those questions this way:  

If you and I are equally skilled traders or investors (with similar tools, securities, trading style, psychology, amount of funds managed) and, in addition, I use PhiCube™ concepts (see the Table of Contents at left) and tools for Natural Law Trading and you don’t? ......

I can beat you,

                              hands down,

                                                            every time!!!


                                                      No doubt about it !!!

AND, when YOU learn and apply what I know, and even more that YOU will learn on your own and from others based on Natural Laws at work...

                        YOU will be able to say the same OUTRAGEOUS thing, too!!!

                             = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

If you like that idea, keep on going through the website...and I expect to see you soon as a software subscriber! 

PS:  It takes a little while, of course, to get basic comfortability with the software and the concepts, which is normal.  However, ahead of you will be awesome moments when you just have to say, "O My Gosh" as you watch price move on a chart in a Natural Law way.  Whether you predicted the time and price targets and are trading it successfully, or are watching only as a student, your response will be similar!!  "Wow!!"

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