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The primary software being presented is PhiCube Analyzer™ ("P3A").  It was first released in September 2005.  In the summer of 2009, version of 3.x was released. Version 4 is released and very robust.  It is known as PhiCube Pro4.

It is available by monthly subscription.  There are two versions, as shown below, and both are also available in Brazilian Portuguese.

P3A - End of Day version:

The end-of-day ("EOD") version accepts data from Yahoo!® (free data) or TCNet™ data from Worden Bros. Inc.  The Worden TC2000®software (formerly known as TeleChart®), along with its TCNet™ data, is available by monthly subscription directly from Worden Bros. Inc.  However, P3A uses the TC2000® non-streaming TCNet™  data, not the TCNet™ real time streaming data.  It will also accept your own  eSignal™ (real time) or eSignal™ OnDemand (delayed and lower cost than real time) data subscription.  PhiCube Analyzer™ uses all data coming through eSignal's Data Manager.

Beyond its being a data source, I find the Worden software and resources worthwhile, first subscribing in 1993.

P3A - Real Time Version:

The P3A real time version receives stock, index, futures and other data from the eSignal Data Manager.  The Data Manager real time data source is priced into the monthly subscription for those who do not already subscribe to eSignal™. 

Additional real time data feeds from eSignal™ can be added through the PhiCube™ website at extra cost to your P3A subscription: CME™ Real Time Futures Data Feed; CME™ Globex eMini Real Time Futures; and GTIX™ Real Time Forex.

If you have or want to have a separate eSignal™ (real time) or eSignal™ OnDemand (delayed and lower cost than real time) data subscription, you can use its Data Manager for PhiCube Analyzer™ and request a P3A Real Time Version subscription adjustment.

TCNet™ data on your computer and Yahoo!® on-line data can also be used by this real time PhiCube Analyzer™ version.  P3A real time does not use TCNet™ real time streaming data.

Note regarding software use on two computers:

P3A subscription, as well as one for Worden software, is licensed for use on TWO computers.  Simultaneous log in to the same software application on two computers under one user name is permitted by PhiCube Analyzer™.  Note that version 4.x and later automatically backs up offsite the latest workspace and related info.  It then reloads it at the next user log on.  This is similar to what is done by TC2000®.

TC2000® Software and Service (not real time versions) are designed to allow sign in at the same time from two computers with the same screen name and password.  However, with the real time version, it is not possible to be connected to chat and/or real time data from both computers simultaneously.  Connecting to real time from the second computer will break the real time streaming data and chat connections of the first computer.

If you have TCNet™ stock market data available, you may select its use by PhiCube Analyzer™.  The Yahoo!® and Worden TCNet™ data can be accessed by both P3A installations at the same time.

However, because eSignal™ allows only one log in at a time, you can use P3A on one computer with eSignal™ as the data feed.   Then, if you wish, on a separate computer,  P3A can be launched and set to use another data feed, like TC2000® and Yahoo!®.

One subscription...two computers...That's good!

Link to subscriptions at the bottom of this page.

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Click on the link below in order to download the Install instructions for the PhiCube Pro4 software.

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You may contact me by phone (see footer) or email (click on Contact to the left) if you have initial subscription problems.

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