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No representation is being made that any one particular trade using these concepts and software tools will be profitable.  Any discussion and explanation in teaching about the concepts and software tools regarding making trades are for illustration only of conditions that may result in possibly good entries and exits for taking profits or cutting losses.

The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

It is highly recommended that something like “paper” , “demo” or “
virtual stock trading” be done while learning to use these concepts and tools.  When you feel that you are ready for actual trading, start with an amount that is small to you.  Each day evaluate your performance "by the numbers" and your emotions.  Then, when you feel or think you are ready, increase the amount of funds with which you are comfortable trading or investing and continue applying your hard earned discipline and good reward / risk management controls.

Review and Remember the "Let Me Be Clear" statement in the Natural Law Trading Mission section.  It is very, very important!!!

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