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                      Chaos, Ignorance, Hope and Frustration

Indicators and oscillators, wave counts, cycle counts…opinion, opinion, and more opinion.  No coherent and consistent reason for success or failure… investing and trading in a dense fog of uncertainty and ambiguity.

There's gotta be a better way, right?  What is it?  What's the solution?

Well, progress toward a solution often comes by putting together "pieces" from the work of others in a new way ... or, by building on what others have done.

Extensively researched over decades, it has been found that "Natural Law" ... "Natural Laws" ... are at work in human decision-making.  That's why, for example, Opinion Polls can be predictive of purchasing decisions and political voting. 

It is similar in the financial markets, all the Buy, Hold and Sell decisions are "Opinions".  Taken together, they result in moving prices up and moving prices down.  If you understand the Natural Law dynamics of what is going on, you can better predict the outcome in any timeframe.  It's only Natural!!

Knowing that Natural Laws are there, and using additional NEW concepts and tools to see their effects, takes away the Mystery of the Markets!  THAT may make the difference you need in successfully striving for our Natural Law Trading Goal of avoiding catastrophic losses, preserving capital and making or raising money for a comfortable life and to do good!!

Order is chaos until you become aware that it is not chaos!!

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