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Note: I use "Churches" as an umbrella word for religious worship organizations because I did not find another one that fits better.  So, if "Church" is not appropriate for you, just substitute your word for that one as you read.

What has all this Natural Law Trading™ stuff got to do with Churches?

The Natural Law Trading™ Goal applies to your Church as an organization as well as to you as an individual.

     >  How has the economy since 2007 affected your Church? 

     >  Are financial resources that you have now enough to meet the Church's financial commitments and obligations?

     > How well are you prepared to respond to an economic boom or crash?  How do you tell which one might be on the horizon or occurring now?

     >  Are financial resources, now and foreseen, enough to help all those who are and who may be coming to you for help in their difficult circumstances?

Your mission of saving souls and helping people in need is absolutely vital. If our Titanic, economic ship-of-state sinks, you must not go down with the ship!  You need to be a lifeboat so you can rescue and care for people in need.  Maybe Natural Law Trading can help you with that lifeboat.

If you have been to the On-Line Video section, you have seen that by using data from financial markets, Natural Law Trading™ teaches you ways to see what could be coming our way, good times and bad, so that you can better prepare. Just learning these basics will start you toward better understanding of where you are, where we are, in this prophesied river of Time.

People who provide larger financial support to the Church can use the software and concepts to probably improve their investment or trading results and achieve the Natural Law Trading™ Goal of avoiding catastrophic losses, preserving capital and making or raising money for a comfortable life and to do good. 

The better they can preserve or increase their capital in a significant economic downturn, whether inflationary or deflationary, the more funds they have available for providing financial assistance, individually or through organizations, when demands on resources are high in caring for individuals and families in need.

Such persons could also provide useful views for Church leadership to consider in their Church's planning and preparation for the future.

After going through this website, share the information and invite others to the website.  If you and others share belief in the Natural Law Trading™ Goal, you will very effectively be able to learn together the software and concepts.  Then it's up to each of you on how to use your new found knowledge and tools to accomplish that Goal.

Best wishes!!!


May I suggest your reading the last few verses of Exodus 3 in the Bible and ponder the circumstances and reasons for what occurred?

Perhaps similarly, likening the scriptures to ourselves, bringing increased "treasure" out of the "world" markets over the coming years, both when they go up and when they go down, will help you and others in meeting "wilderness" needs during character-building hardship and tribulation. Such "treasure" can also help in establishing a new beginning in the peaceful life and land that follows.

What if what you learn and do through Natural Law Trading™ will help you in that noble endeavor?


Click on the "Natural Law Trading Mission" link below and note the "Let me be clear..." section at the bottom of the page.

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