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It has been found that financial markets and other economic and social activity respond to Natural Laws found in nature and in human behavior.  The Natural Laws are the same in both “normal” and “extraordinary” economic and financial times.

PhiCube™ (the concepts and methodology) and PhiCube Analyzer™ (the powerful charting software designed for PhiCube™) have been developed over more than a decade.  They identify Natural Laws at work in human financial decision-making that move prices up and down.  Their effectiveness is real.

   > They are powerful for use in effectively quantifying the past, present and future behavior of price in all markets and timeframes, resulting in clear and simple definitions of trends, consolidations, risk (stops), rewards (targets), position sizing, and high probability trade setups. 

   > They can be used by novice and trading professionals alike. 

   > They give understanding of why and where price has been, where it is now and where price may go.  They provide “rationality” in an “irrational” financial and economic world.

It’s just that simple.  The foundation of greater success in trading and investing is:

   > understanding Natural Laws of price, volume and time and where price may go;

   > controlling one’s emotions; and

   > managing the reward and risk within one’s own comfort zone.

Not all individual trades will be profitable, of course.  However, performance of a portfolio should be improved by the overall application of PhiCube™ concepts and methodology and using the powerful PhiCube Analyzer™ software

Bo Williams, PhiCube™ ’s founder, stresses that actual trading success is more a function of psychology than mathematics.  He feels that the mathematical side of success is much, much simpler than popularly reported and taught. He suggests that there is a small, finite set of mathematical relationships that govern the behavior of price. These relationships, which he calls “PhiCube™ ”, define the mathematical rules for analysis and trading.

It is very important to remember that as “simple” as PhiCube™ and PhiCube Analyzer™ are, they are powerful and there is still plenty of room to use them for continuing development of one’s own trading and analytical skills. 

"Oh, my gosh!!" and "Wow!" and "Awesome" and similar expressions will remain useful in your vocabulary even after years of experience as you make new discoveries, watch the beauty of Natural Laws at work and profit therefrom!

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