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This powerful software was developed to be an integrated and powerful platform for applying PhiCube™ concepts in charting, technical analysis and research and in portfolio management.  Proprietary and other commonly used indicators and oscillators are provided.  All of their values can be adjusted and interpreted using PhiCube™ concepts.

Custom formulas can also be written, either for creating new indicators and oscillators or adding others in common use. 

PhiCube Analyzer™ can be very successfully used as your only Technical Analysis software.  However, you probably are currently using something else.  In that case you will find it a very valuable addition to your "toolbox".

Subscribe to PhiCube Analyzer™ and then compare the times of your successes and failures in trading with your current software setups and with what can be shown at those same times using PhiCube Analyzer™ and PhiCube™ concepts.  You will then better understand why you had success and failure. 

Eventually, the extra portfolio performance that you will probably have will more than cover the modest monthly subscription cost for PhiCube Analyzer™.  Remember, increased performance is two-sided: one side is increased gains AND the other side is reduced losses.  Either way, your portfolio performance should improve.

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