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It is important to remember what was written at the end of the Concepts section above:

Learning these concepts and tools does not mean that all Buy, Hold and Sell decisions will be "correct".  However, it does mean that understanding these Natural Law concepts should increase your comfort level for the type of trading, investing and risk management that you do.  Plus, very importantly, you will have a consistently effective "structure" for quickly evaluating opinions and for developing and implementing your own ideas.

Whether you are brand new to technical analysis, a very successful "pro" or somewhere in between, what you will learn will probably give you, at least, a little more of an edge...HOWEVER, if you are like me, there will be times when using the software that you will just have to say out loud: "Oh, my gosh!!" as you watch price move "according to plan"!!

And THAT you can take to the bank!!

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